WELCOME to the home page of Sunrise Ballooning, one of Arizona’s original ballooning companies. Whether you are looking for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of flying with Captain Ted over the beautiful Sonoran desert, or you are a ballooning professional looking to purchase state-of-the-art industry equipment designed and engineered by our Capt. Ted Design (CTD) division – you have come to the right place!
Hot Air Ballooning is a family adventure, from the smallest to the oldest, a unique experience!
Enjoy the experience, from start to finish.
An experience unlike any other.

The Balloon Experience

Imagine breathing in the crisp morning air as the sun rises over the McDowell Mountains, casting its golden radiance across the Sonoran desert.  After climbing into the balloon’s gondola...



Schedule a Flight!

It is all about the personal touch with Sunrise ballooning. Sunrise Ballooning specializes in small groups, ~4 passengers per ride. Schedule now to experience a hot air balloon trip of a lifetime.


Are you a Balloonist?

Capt Ted customizes and builds all sorts of different balloooning equipment. An engineer by nature Capt. Ted creates unique equipment to help balloonists around the world.




Capt. Ted was born and raised in the great state of Arizona. He began his flying career in 1978 in Phoenix, AZ.

After nearly 35 years in the business he has flown in various locations across the world and has earned a reputation for not only being a fun, ethusiastic pilot, but also SAFE.

Capt. Ted has accumulated 6,000 hours of incident-free flying, putting himself in an elite class.

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