An experience you will never forget!  
Whether you are a long-time Arizona resident or visiting the Phoenix area for the first time, hot-air-ballooning is unquestionably among the most unique ways to take in the world-famous scenery that surrounds the Valley of the Sun. You will primarily fly over undeveloped areas of the desert and surrounding communities where landing locations are plentiful. The exact location of your flight will depend on pick-up location and weather conditions the day of your flight. From the basket, the view of the Valley is breathtaking from every location.
  During the flying season, typically October thru May, the weather conditions in Phoenix are ideal for ballooning. Calm winds and cool mornings typically provide perfect flight conditions. Occasionally, however, mild winds (>7mph) or a rare storm can be problematic for ballooning. Flights are always subject to weather conditions at launch time. Your pilot will contact you ahead of time should obvious weather issues affect your planned flight. Decisions regarding flights are most frequently made on the launch field around launch time. Weather in the Phoenix area can change quickly and vary dramatically from one area of the Valley to another. As you’d expect from thousands of flight hours with a PERFECT safety record – safety is always the first and foremost factor in all flight decisions. With the renowned beautiful flying weather in the Valley, it is easy to find another perfect day should Mother Nature not cooperate with your scheduled flight.

Imagine breathing in the crisp morning air as the sun rises over the McDowell Mountains, casting its golden radiance across the Sonoran desert. After climbing into the balloon’s gondola, you gently float off the ground and soon feel the serene stillness and silence that can only come from this original form of manned flight. No whir of engines or wind rushing past you. In fact, the only sound you notice is the occasional burner above your head and the unique sounds of the untamed desert below. You marvel at the sightings of quail, javelina, and coyote all in their natural habitat as you gently glide above the saguaros and mesquite. The landscape feels as if it is moving past you from a perspective not experienced any other way.

Balloon flight is an experience so exceptional that you will struggle to explain it to friends and family who have never had the pleasure. You will remember and talk about your flight for a lifetime.

First and foremost you will be flying with one of the most experienced and respected balloon pilots in the country. He has earned this reputation through decades of safe flying, training many of today’s commercial balloon pilots, and being an international ambassador for ballooning. Captain Ted is a third-generation Arizona native with knowledge of the Valley and state that is as vast as his ballooning resume. Captain Ted’s easygoing personality and vast experience puts his passengers at ease and ensures a first-class flight!  
Many companies focus on ‘volume’ when offering balloon flights. Sunrise Ballooning is different. Captain Ted and his team specialize in providing an unsurpassed personal level of service. Having flown every shape and size of balloon and basket, some carrying up to a dozen or more passengers, Captain Ted has developed a particular enjoyment in flying smaller groups of 4-5 passengers. This allows him to provide a more customized and personalized flight, with plenty of time for questions as well as quiet enjoyment of the surroundings with you and your family or friends. His penchant for creating balloon animals, and especially his vanishing pilot trick, will surely add to the excitement of your flight. This personal attention is a key difference that makes Sunrise Ballooning unique in the industry.

There are many ways to see the Arizona desert, but there is no better way to EXPERIENCE it than hot-air ballooning.

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